Meter base hook up

Electricity enters the home via the meter socket and service-entrance wire two-gauge, three-conductor aluminum ser wire is an appropriate 100-amp service-entrance wire the service-entrance wire runs from the meter socket outdoors to the main breaker panel indoors, delivering the 100 amps of electricity.

Wiring specifications, inspection, and meter installation procedures for residential unbroken outside the conduit to the ground rod with bonding to the meter base and any other electrical panels attached thereto except when a service mast extends through the cooperative up to the point of the first thermal disconnect section f. Residential electrical services connection and general information page 1 your meter base must be located in an area that is accessible to meter readers for accurate meter single phase motor services will be allowed up to 5hp maximum meter bases shall not be enclosed removal of the meter base face (cover) shall not be hindered. Generlink is a new product that makes connecting a portable generator easy and safe while providing homeowners the flexibility of using a portable generator to operate virtually any appliance in their home.

The by-pass handle can be but in the up or closed position for meter removal, testing, etc the cover can be installed and sealed with the by-pass handle in the down or up position the by-pass handle is a bent type or an octagonal shaped removable screw type.

The load side of an electric meter can be wired to the electrical disconnect or electrical panel to do this, connect the two hot wires on the bottom two terminals of the meter to do this, connect the two hot wires on the bottom two terminals of the meter.

To view the close up of the insides of the meter base , click the picture icon to the left installing the meter base down-pipe please keep in mind that most areas located below the height of a meter base is considered to be subject to physical damage the only exception would be if a substantial structure is placed in front of the meter base. I think your hots are correctly labeled, but the white should go to the lug to the left of where your white arrow is the poco will probably use crimp connectors that bolt down where your white arrow is.

A 200 amp meter service is the most common type of electrical service found in residential homes wiring the electrical service is an intricate project and a licensed electrician is the most qualified person to perform the installation.

This video is for entertainment purposes only please consult with a licensed electrician before performing any electrical work. The switch is a five-inch device that is installed behind your electric meter by utility personnel generlink eliminates the hassle of running multiple extension cords or the limited use of appliances.

Meter base hook up
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